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Manufacturer of Cordoba Extra Virgin Olive Oil specialized in organic production.

The company, LAGAR DE QUIRÓS S.L. was created on April 4, 2002 as a family business with the objective of installing an Olive Oil Factory to transform the olive from a farm in Olivar, of 120 hectares and with more than 25,000 olive trees of the Picual variety (Nevadillo Blanco) and Arbequina, which the Sebastián Merino family owns in the municipality of Montoro (Córdoba).

The oil mill is authorized for the production and packaging of Ecological Oil and is certified with ISO 9.001 quality management and ISO 14.001 environmental quality.

It has also obtained the "Certified Quality" brand for oil, granted by the Junta de Andalucía.

The company LAGAR DE QUIRÓS S.L. it is included in the framework of the Protected Designation of Origin Montoro-Adamuz, with the possibility of certifying its oils annually and packaging them.

In addition, they possess the Kosher and Halal certifications that ensure that their olive oils comply with Jewish and Muslim religious norms.

The factory is located on a plot of 35,000 m2, next to the National Highway 420 (Section of Montoro to Ciudad Real) at Exit No. 52 and consists of 3 olive milling lines capable of processing currently 300,000 kg / day and one warehouse to store up to 500,000 Kg of oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Molino de Quirós has a intense flavor and aroma, obtained by mechanical meanswhose acidity expressed in lire fatty acids can not exceed 0.8% with a median of defects must be equal to 0, as determined by taste-test panel.

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