The exceptional quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Córdoba is general and widely recognized, not only at present, but throughout history. Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Córdoba are mostly produced in:

Campiña Sur de Córdoba , in the triangle formed by Lucena, Puente Genil and Aguilar de la frontera. In this area there are D.O. of Lucena and Estepa. The olive variety that predominates in this area is the hojiblanca .

Zona de la Subbética, in the Southern Sierra of Córdoba and eastern part of the province. The municipalities of Baena and Priego de Córdoba stand out, with their respective D.O..The varieties of the area are the picual , the weevil and the hojiblanca .

Sierra Morena Zone, highlight the municipal terms of Montoro, Adamuz and Hornachuelos. The typical varieties of the area are the picual, weevil and black nevadillo.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Molino de Quirós has a intense flavor and aroma, obtained by mechanical meanswhose acidity expressed in lire fatty acids can not exceed 0.8% with a median of defects must be equal to 0, as determined by taste-test panel.

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