Our story

The Low-Carb Company is responsible for the Olive Oil Gourmet brand and the compraraceitedeoliva.org website. We are endorsed by a story full of success in the marketing of special foods on the Internet, dating back to 2012, when we opened our first online store, outletsalud.com, dedicated to the commercialization of Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and other foods low in carbohydrates.

During these years, the company has been diversifying its efforts and opening different markets, both national and international, and this portal was born as a result of an intense investigation of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil market, EVOO by its initials in Spanish. Knowing the great variety and diversity offered by Olive Oil, we wanted to dedicate a website to its promotion and sale, focusing only on the premium sector, and offering absolutely incredible products, awarded with prizes and recognized worldwide.

The experience accumulated in all these years managing e-commerce portals has served us to launch this website dedicated exclusively to the world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in which we have gathered the best oils at a truly unbeatable price and, as in the rest of our stores, with incredibly fast service and exceptional customer service.


What our customers value most of our websites

Delivery time
Customer Care
Product Quality
Online Security

Our firm commitment to technological innovation allows us to offer high quality online stores whose user experience is quick and pleasant. After having served millions of products in hundreds of thousands of orders from our customers during all these years, we have been receiving reviews from all corners of the planet and we can affirm that the global satisfaction rate among our customers exceeds 98%, or what is same, 98 of every 100 clients we serve are willing to repeat experience with us. Therefore, we enjoy one of the highest return rates in the industry.

If you are looking for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, do not think twice, we are the right company to provide the product you need. We offer security, speed and personalized attention. Try us! You will not regret it!